Women’s Health

From menarche (ie the onset of a first period)to menopause, many women suffer disquieting symptoms( once a month for pre menopausal women) ranging from period pain to lack of periods ,heavy bleeding, PMS ,bleeds between periods,ovarian cysts, P.C.O.S.(polycystic ovarian syndrome} fertility problems, menopausal symptoms, including hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness ,lack of libido,mood swings, weight gain,palpitations disturbing memory lapses, poor concentration.

3 Generations of womenWhat has just been described can represent a significant level of disturbance in a woman’s life given that a lady can menstruate from age 13 to 50 on average and the trouble doesn’t even end there. Then begins that transition time in life when oestrogen production slows down significantly, progesterone levels much more so and are at almost rock bottom in some cases. Depending on stress levels in the body ,menopausal symptoms can go on for a further no. of years after a woman is technically in menopause.

Looking at this picture, a female’s lot can certainly seem unenviable and let’s not ¬†forget pregnancy which can also be quite traumatic and complicated.

Obviously, not every woman suffers the rigours of the monthly cycle ,but for many, there is a certain degree of resigned suffering. This need not be the case. Naturopathic interventions can make a vast difference to the majority of those who suffer monthly with pain and varying levels of discomfort, or find menopause troublesome. Dietary interventions alone, may offset bloating, mood swings ,digestive imbalances and lessen dysmenorrhoea (painful periods).There is always a good solid supplementation protocol, which can be very helpful. In addition, herbal remedies are very powerful in assisting with gynaecological and reproductive issues.Vitex Agnus Castus for example, is one of the most reliable herbs available to herbalists for balancing hormones in the body. There are several more which are tonifying to the uterus such as Angelica Sinensis. Yet others work on both hormonal balance and assisting the nervous system at the same time such as black cohosh. Black cohosh and sage should be in every woman’s arsenal for combating menopausal symptoms.Women, take heart.!There is great news out there in natural remedies for ladies of all ages!