Last Bus to Misery or not

Last Bus to Misery or not

Everyone is familiar with the concept of catching a falling star .However I don’t think anyone would consider catching a cold { that last bus to misery} in the same vein. Unfortunately falling stars aren’t much good against the colds or flus of the winter season. When that post Halloween darkness descends over us should we rush out and get the flu injection?I think not, at least for the majority of averagely healthy people.

How do we arm ourselves against those menacing bugs which drag us off to the doctors office where we’re joined by the most beleaguered species of our fellow man.They sit in the waiting room spectral like , sniffling, coughing and rendered helpless by big mafia type viruses.The upshot of our visit will likely be a gaping hole in our pockets, advice to take bed rest and paracetamol to bring our temperature down.If the infection has gone deeper, as in a chest infection ,we will be prescribed antibiotics.

All of the above is an appalling vista we’re all too familiar with.We don’t need to sit around in dread of the next bug invasion.I say bring on the troops . I refer to our own immune cells .To mobilise them, we need to start with our diet as a foundation stone.Cut back big time on white sugar and refined carbohydrates which rob us of our immunity.Did you know that if you meet someone with a cold immediately after consuming a sugary pudding and a bar of chocolate you have doubled your chances of picking it up from them?! Eat your fruit and vegetables, all colours of the rainbow which in a sense are our Eircom phone watch within. The various chemicals, vitamins and minerals in plants are the best health insurance around .Particularly ,top up on vitamin c rich foods like strawberries, raspberries blackcurrants, kiwi, melon, oranges, lemons, broccoli ,spinach ,cabbage ,carrots.,potatoes .A good root vegetable winter soup will keep your white blood cells on the march.

There are several natural remedies we can take, namely vitamin c supplements {strongly anti viral)At the first sign of a cold or flu take 2 grammes followed by 1 gramme every 2 hours..Keep taking up to bowel tolerance ie until you develop a loose stool .As a preventative, take 2 grammes daily in the winter {especially if over 40 and under stress}Garlic is also anti viral and antimicrobial.If a sore throat develops, suck zinc lozenges.Taking garlic and vitamin c alongside an antibiotic can have a synergistic effect .It will often reduce the need for a second round.If a bug strikes go on the defensive immediately.The immune system works best in a warm relaxed environment so keep warm and get plenty of rest.Delay that row with your spouse or work colleague!Eat lightly, small meals made from high energy natural foods.Your body does need its nutrients, plus proteins to replenish your soldier white blood cells.If you suffer from mucous then avoid dairy .Drink plenty of water to help your get rid of the wste products of its war against bugs.

Several natural remedies read like a who’s who of infection fighters namely Echinacea and goldenseal {A great combination especially if your throat feels like sandpaper}echinacea and goldenseal are both anti viral and anti bacterial Look for echinacea angustifolia .Take a teaspoon tds if the herbs are combined or 200 –500mg a day of goldenseal on its own daily .take 15 drops of concentrated extract of echinacea tds if used singly.If not in this form, 1teaspoon every 2 hours

• Bee pollen ; anti viral and anti bacterial. Take as a general tonic.

• Sambucol ; made from elderberry extract. a potent anti viral.1 dessertspoon tds

• Vitamin d ; take 1000 iu daily all year.

• A multi vitamin and mineral containing at least 30 to 60mg of zinc to bost the immune system during an infection.

• Grapefruitseed extract’{Very Bitter} but a powerful antibiotic, antifungal anti viral agent. 20-30drops a day.

• Probiotics: these promote gut health and as a result boost immunity(Beneficial bacteria produce antibodies}Take during a bacterial infection and after a course of antibiotics or bout of diarrhoea.

• Teatree oil: rub on the chest or steam inhale.

• Zinc: an essential immune boosting mineral.25 –50mg a day.

Our immunity is in our own hands. Look after your white blood cells and they will remain very placid for the winter months allowing you to take out the dog for a walk on the coldest day{wrapped up well of course}You can even risk going out without your umbrella occasionally.If flu decimates the office, you may well be the last one left standing and jogging on a cold January evening.When your bed bound colleagues return to work please give them a photocopy of this article!