de9098f6-859e-4f33-a30f-ff7fe03ac493From the richest person to the most humble human on earth there is at core one fundamental desire.It is the longing for wellbeing..What exactly is this rich vein we wish to mine at our core? Proper well being is the product of a continuous flow in our lives between our personality type , our environment and right ways of living. In our modern fast paced lives, we have enormous burdens placed on body and soul.

The upshot of all this is imbalances develop in our bodies where all 70 trillion cells are involved in an intricate dance every second of our lives operating on the edge of chaos at all times to bring dynamism , fluidity and adaptation to our lives.As a naturopath, I am committed to bringing about balance in the whole person and seeking to explore the root cause of an illness as well as treating the symptoms. Many long standing puzzling ailments respond very favourably to intervention with natural means. In my own case as a practitioner, this involves advising dietary changes. seeking to reframe the problem mentally and emotionally,giving lifestyle advice,recommending food supplements and often prescribing herbal remedies which can have a surprising and delightful level of effectiveness..

We are so much more than the sum of our parts . I feel no stone should be left unturned in the quest to reintegrate body and soul.On occasion we all feel fractured and vulnerable, but there is help out there,especially for apparently stubborn medical conditions .

These conditions require a number of approaches to restore harmony to us and then wellbeing won’t remain merely an aspiration but be a lived reality.