After the loss of my mother my hormones became adverse and my period ceased. Admittedly I had turned 46 and I viewed my periods cessation as the result of being perimenopausal and neglected situation for a few months. My husband and I had discussed the possibility of a second child and I decided I needed something to support or address my waning hormones. IVF is expensive and I decided to go online and research natural solutions. I was put totally at ease with Mary’s lovely empathetic manner, and I found myself discussing openly over the phone my situation. My initial consultation with Mary was very thorough, and considered all aspects of the person and a holistic approach including diet and what herbs would support my condition. Mary prescribed a diet and made a herbal mixture that I would take daily, this I did and within a couple of weeks my first period occurred and I experienced the added bonus, my stamina felt excellent. I have returned to Mary many times and also I have obtained formulaes that help with sleep and memory (ideal for anyone studying). Herbs works with your body synergistically and additional benefits can be felt such as improved stamina and a general feeling of well being. Taking herbs and attending a naturopath was amongst the best thing I have done for myself and I still reap the benefits several years later.

Patrice Angela Leech, Kildare

I am very happy to recommend Mary Moloney as a herbalist and naturopath. I found her to be very thorough and professional. She gives very useful and practical advice re a healthy diet and general well-being.

Martina Dooley, Kildare

Mary Moloney is a positive, attentive and caring Naturopath. She is very supportive of an individual’s needs, taking into account the WHOLE person, from the inside out. Her treatments are thoughtful and encompass things that conventional medicine doesn’t have time for. Highly recommend working with Mary Moloney to anyone seeking to improve their health and wellness.

Kamila Figielek, Kildare