Ayurvedic Consultation

I offer an entire consultation which may be seen in itself as a comprehensive blueprint for every day healthy and successful living.This consultation is usually a stand alone session and may be booked either by an already existing client ,or by someone seeking to understand how they may enhance their quality of life, simply by understanding their own constitutional make up and adopting a lifestyle which is in accordance with this fundamental acceptance and understanding of their own nature.

Boat on sunset.Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system of medicine which comes to us as does much of the worlds wisdom from the orient ,more specifically India.The word Ayurveda means knowledge of, or science of life.The fundamental principle of this system is based on an understanding of an individual’s basic constitutional type or dosha.The doshas are based on the natural elements of air , fire and water. Remember we are talking about a system devised over 5000 years ago which is as relevant today in our scientific age as it was then.Hence no molecules and atoms need apply when talking about the basic make up of a human being!

There are three constitutional types or doshas

  • Vata (air and space)
  • Pitta (fire and water)
  • Kapha(earth and water)

Living in harmony with our predominant dosha gives great peace of mind .We can then for the first time in our lives understand why we are the way we are , as a unique entity and rid ourselves of the notion of the conformist stereotype which society attempts to impose on us. We all have different physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects which are broadly categorised in the above doshas. As Shakespeare said “This above all, to thine own self be true.And it must follow as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man”

Golden Textured Picture Of Taj Mahal SceneryEach dosha has a unique set of guidelines for living which has far ranging implications for our overall health and well being. Vata people for example are of lean build.They feel the cold. Physically their digestion tends to be variable. They can be very active, but lack stamina. Emotionally, they are cheerful and optimistic when in balance.Out of balance, they are anxious and fearful.Vatas make very good communicators,working as teachers, media people and computer operators. Pitta people are of medium build and can be full of fire! Hence with all that fire they have very good ability to consume their food, unlike their vata counterparts.They are very well motivated ,even driven.Many company directors fall loosely into this category as do military personnel ,fire fighters and police men.They are very good organisers, being sharp and efficient of mind. In balance, they are cheerful ,pleasant and cooperative.Out of balance ,they tend to be angry and self critical.. Kapha people are well built and tend to be practical, nurturing folk. They carry within them that ability to be close to the earth and remain grounded unlike vatas who tend to be somewhat more in the clouds! Kaphas have the best health of all, but can suffer from watery afflictions such as chest problems ,fluid retention,weight gain,slow growing tumours. In balance, they are kind, placid, nurturing. Out of balance, they tend to be greedy, possessive, unmotivated.They need more of a kick start than the other doshas to get going!They make very good carers, mothers,nurses bankers.,chefs, opera singers, real estate agents.

The above is just a brief synopsis of what is meant by one’s constitutional type. A proper understanding of it can be gained by an in depth consultation which reveals one’s overriding dosha. Most of us have elements of more than one dosha in us in order to bring balance into our lives.

What to expect from a consultation.

The client is given 3 questionnaires to fill out in order to truly assess constitutional type. The three questionnaires are based around vata, pitta and kapha characteristics respectively.The questions asked cover the whole spectrum of a person’s make up .Hence one may be asked about body build,skin type ,colour of eyes,whether or not one is talkative,fearful,angers easily,is organised,serene, sweet natured Even the weather which suits the individual best may be discussed. Depending on the answers given , a profile of the person and their predominant dosha is built up.(for example if one answers yes to quite a lot of questions in the vata category, then it is assumed that the overriding dosha is vata.)Some people may have quite an even spread of answers across all three categories and lucky them!Thus they may have a very balanced temperament. However most of us aren’t so fortunate and many of us lean (sometimes heavily) in one direction.

Should this then be the case ,the practitioner offers the client a blueprint for living based on their individual dosha.This involves a comprehensive plan which includes diet,lifestyle{even down to the colours and types of music suitable for the person)and spiritual type practices which may be of benefit.If this advice is followed then every aspect of one’s daily life may be lived in harmony with one’s nature and finally there is that eureka moment.So that’s why that diet or that way of life never suited me! I knew it all along!