What to expect from a consultation

At the first consultation, a detailed case history will be taken. There will also be extensive discussion around the issue to be addressed.This generally takes in the region of 90 minutes. A list of any medications being currently taken should be brought along or the medicines themselves can be shown.If necessary, blood pressure may be taken.  Generally there will be an examination of tongue and pulse according to traditional Chinese diagnostic methods.

Diet and lifestyle will be discussed  and suggested alterations to same will be given to the client.Some food supplements may be advised which will bring about a quicker  resolution of the problem. These suggestions will be given in written form by myself so there need be no worries about remembering so much information. Herbs are usually prescribed but if the client prefers just a nutritional consultation ,then that’s perfectly acceptable.

At the end of the consultation, a follow on is usually suggested and is booked  then.Follow ons are vital as very often the condition to be treated has lingered a while and “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”There may be a need for a number of visits and this can be decided between the client and myself as we progress on this healing journey together.However there will be absolutely no pressure exerted at any time to book a next appointment.At all times. I am contactable by phone if there are any queries whatsoever.Never think any concern you have is too trivial .A follow on usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Ayurvedic Consultation

I offer an entire consultation which may be seen in itself as a comprehensive blueprint for every day healthy and successful living. This consultation is usually a stand alone session and may be booked either by an already existing client or by someone seeking to understand how they may enhance their quality of life simply by understanding their own constitutional make up and adopting a lifestyle which is in accordance with this fundamental acceptance and understanding of their own nature.

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Mindfulness Meditation/Guided imagery

As a meditation teacher ,I offer one on one pain and stress relief sessions using mindfulness meditation .This form of meditation comes to us from Buddhism and involves sitting down with both intention and attention. The intention is to come into the present moment .Attention is paid to the breath as an anchor to assist us in this endeavour.

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Food Intolerance Testing

Many of us are familiar with disturbing symptoms with no apparent cause. We may be experiencing what doctors refer to as TATT {tired all the time},stomach upset ,bowel disturbances such as IBS, skin problems,runny nose,(non seasonal),some wheezing,fluid retention,weight gain,despite our best efforts to lose it (under active thyroid has been ruled out).Perhaps we have an ongoing series of debilitating symptoms and the medical fraternity are puzzled. The problem may well lay with food intolerances.

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